Form Generator

This generator generates a view script file that displays a form to collect input for the specified model class.

This is the view name with respect to the view path. For example, site/index would generate a site/index.php view file under the view path.
This is the model class for collecting the form input. You should provide a fully qualified class name, e.g., app\models\Post.
This is the scenario to be used by the model when collecting the form input. If empty, the default scenario will be used.
This is the root view path to keep the generated view files. You may provide either a directory or a path alias, e.g., @app/views.
This indicates whether the generator should generate strings using Yii::t() method. Set this to true if you are planning to make your application translatable.
This is the category used by Yii::t() in case you enable I18N.
Please select which set of the templates should be used to generated the code.