Controller Generator

This generator helps you to quickly generate a new controller class with one or several controller actions and their corresponding views.

This is the name of the controller class to be generated. You should provide a fully qualified namespaced class (e.g. app\controllers\PostController), and class name should be in CamelCase ending with the word Controller. Make sure the class is using the same namespace as specified by your application's controllerNamespace property.
Provide one or multiple action IDs to generate empty action method(s) in the controller. Separate multiple action IDs with commas or spaces. Action IDs should be in lower case. For example:
  • index generates actionIndex()
  • create-order generates actionCreateOrder()
Specify the directory for storing the view scripts for the controller. You may use path alias here, e.g., /var/www/basic/controllers/views/order, @app/views/order. If not set, it will default to @app/views/ControllerID
This is the class that the new controller class will extend from. Please make sure the class exists and can be autoloaded.
Please select which set of the templates should be used to generated the code.